New Album In The Works

After a long hiatus full of introspection, I made the decision to take a break from bands and record my original music in exactly whatever form inspires me. I’ve recorded four albums over the course of the years, and each time the band broke up right after the release, leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth and having to start over. With this new direction, whatever happens will stay with me, and it’s up to me to believe in and share it.

Here’s the current track list for the album:

1. It Breaks
2. Whiskey Why
3. Mayhem and Treason
4. Tomb
5. Thinning
6. Sparrow
7. Tortured Bozos
8. Paper In The Rain
9. The Hollows
10. Back
11. Far Palm
12. Grimtown

The project is called Trouserpants, and you can find the Bandcamp page here.